Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kylie on the move to the bird room

Got Kylie's blood work results back late yesterday and it confirmed that she's in great health! Not that I'm surprised at all. Kylie's previous owner obviously knows what she's doing and takes great care of her birds!

So, I've made the decision to move her downstairs with the other birds tonight. Since I've been home this week, I can clearly see she's not happy stuck in my bedroom by herself. I think she'll do much better having Lucy and Jessie as company. Hopefully I'll have pictures within a few days!


  1. Can't wait for pictures :)

    So she's going down with her big cage?

  2. She is officially moved into the dining room. And, yes in her big cage. Lucy and Jessie sure are curious. I'm going to let her settle in her new spot for the rest of the evening and then try taking her out tomorrow.