Monday, November 29, 2010

Things for Wings Order

Here's a picture of the order I just received from Things for Wings. There are going to be some busy beaks around here for the next little while :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Kylie Time!

Tonight was Kylie's night! I've felt guilty over the past few days because I've been fighting a cold and I usually keep a distance from the birds when I'm sick. I'm probably being like an over protective parront, but I don't want to take any unnecessary risks. Anyways, I'm feeling back to normal today, so I spent some time with Kylie tonight. She wasn't really interested in hanging on the jungle gym tonight. It was all about getting as many scratches as possible tonight. Here are a few pics taken inbetween the scratch sessions.

And the good news is ... she stepped up for me when it was time to go back in her cage. I still got a little nip, but its progress. Usually she flies away from me. I will be doing some behavioral work with Cory, the girl I adopted Kylie from, and we're going to try and focus on getting a more reliable step up. I'm looking forward to working with Kylie and in the process hopefully build a stronger bond and relationship with her.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


My birds fascinate me every day. I love nothing better than spending the day with them and interacting with them and watching them. For those of you that own more than one bird (or any kind of animal really) you all know that they have different personalities. Today while I was preparing lunch for the birds, I wanted to share some of their cute little personality querks.

Today's lunch. A mix of red and green peppers, cucumber and apple.

I am still getting to know Kylie's likes and dislikes, but I do know from her previous owner that she was fed a fresh organic diet. So I don't need to worry when I offer fresh food to Kylie. She never hesitates and digs right in. After I gave her lunch today I just watched her. She went over to the bowl right away and started moving pieces of food around ... checking things out. This is a picture of her picking an apple as the first thing to eat ... and she ate it over her bowl.

Then a few minutes later, she picked up a piece of red pepper and took it a perch close to her bowl. She mixes things up ... she eats over her bowl and sometimes she takes food elsewhere in her cage to eat.
Lucy is my funniest little eater. I don't think I'll ever have a weight issue with her :) She goes down to her bowl, gets a piece of food and then climbs up to the highest perch to eat. It takes her twice as long to eat as Jessie.
Then there is Jessie. He always eats right over his bowl and shreds everything. When he's done, there is only shredded food left in his bowl.
Over the next little while, I'll try to share some of there cute little personality querks, because there are many of them.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Lucy and Jessie Time

The past couple weeks have been all about Kylie, rightfully so, but tonight was all about spending time with Lucy and Jessie. Lucy is obsessed with Kylie! She is so curious that as soon as she gets out of her cage, she makes her way over to see Kylie. At least she spends some time on the jungle gym before going onto her cage.
Lucy on a mission .... she's getting closer.And closer.
I unfortunately stopped taking pictures by the time she climbed onto Kylie's cage. I let them go for a few seconds, but got Lucy to step up before they could get too close.

Then it was Jessie's turn. He actually posed for some pictures tonight. Usually he just tries to attack the camera.

My little monkey being a cutie :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kylie's First Night in the Bird Room

As mentioned in an earlier post, Kylie got a clean bill of health and I don't think she was doing very well being by herself in my bedroom, so I weighed the risks and decided to move her down into the bird room (dining room) last night. She didn't seem nervous at all after the move, so I decided to let her out of her cage for a little while last night.

As you can see she wasted no time flying over to the jungle gym. She was used to being out on toys like this with her previous owner, so she didn't hesitate to fly over there by herself. Lucy is just now starting to fly over by herself and I still have to take Jessie over to it myself, but I'm coming to the realization that he much prefers using me as a jungle gym :)

Fitting right in

So .... I haven't mentioned how Lucy and Jessie reacted to moving Kylie into the dining room. Jessie was curious for a few mintues, but quickly lost interest. And this is exactly what I expected to happen. I'm his one person and I don't think he'll ever really be interested in another bird. Lucy on the other hand was very curious and when I let Kylie out of her cage I thought Lucy was going to crawl out of her feathers she was so excited and curious. So, I got over my fear and let Lucy out of her cage. I took this picture more for my husband's benefit because he wouldn't believe me if I just told him. Lucy was only out for a few minutes before I put her back in her cage. They did get a lot closer than this and were both reaching out to each other so I decided to end it more out of my own fear. I knew their body language wasn't aggressive at all, but I didn't want to take any chances. There is lots of time for Kylie and Lucy to spend together. Hopefully down the road once they get used to each other Kylie and Lucy will be friends and spend lots of time together on the jungle gym.

Oh yeah and let me mention that Kylie is an amazing flyer! It was a little tricky getting her back into her cage last night because she kept flying away from me. It was amazing to watch her fly though. Compared to Lucy and Jessie, she is a seasoned flyer.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kylie on the move to the bird room

Got Kylie's blood work results back late yesterday and it confirmed that she's in great health! Not that I'm surprised at all. Kylie's previous owner obviously knows what she's doing and takes great care of her birds!

So, I've made the decision to move her downstairs with the other birds tonight. Since I've been home this week, I can clearly see she's not happy stuck in my bedroom by herself. I think she'll do much better having Lucy and Jessie as company. Hopefully I'll have pictures within a few days!