Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Avian Organics Quick Serve

Made some Avian Organics Quick Serve for the birds for breakfast this morning with some AO Cazula mixed in. The birds dug right in and really seemed to enjoy their breakfast!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Avian Organics Order

Here's a picture of my recent Avian Organics order. I bought the following:

- Aztec Crunch

- Jungle Trails

- Avian Organics Quick Serve

- Cazula

- Calypso Carrot Bird Bread

- Blueberry Mini Sticks

And here's a picture of Jessie enjoying an almond from the Avian Organics Aztec Crunch

You can purchase Avian Organics products here: http://www.avianorganics.com

New ShopVac

Our current Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner has been taking a beating lately, so I talked my husband into getting a ShopVac. I told him it has two purposes ... we can use it in the bird room and we can also take to the trailer to vacuum in the summer ... we are never happy with the small vacuums we get for the trailer. So he went for it. So, we tested it out on Saturday and it works like a charm.

New Toys

The following are examples of toys I made this past weekend. Using a mixture of parts from Wings for Things (an Online Canadian Parrot Toy Store). In the dixie cups, I hid WW pieces of pasta.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Video - Lucy, What does daddy do?

This is Lucy's response when you ask her what Daddy does :) She's quite proud of herself because Daddy's watching her.

Jessie Receives Brat of the Month Award

Parrots are just like kids sometimes ... you love them like crazy, but you don't always like what they do. Yesterday, right after breakfast I removed their bowls with their fresh food and put the bowl with pellets in. Within minutes I could hear Jessie rattling his bowl around and here's a picture of the end result. When I came up to assess the damage ... of course he laughed at me.

So out came the cage clips again. The mess I can handle ... the 2 bowls of fresh pellet food he wasted yesterday ... not so happy about that. He tried to do this again this morning, but I fixed his little red wagon.

And here he is looking at the mess he made.