Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kylie's First Night in the Bird Room

As mentioned in an earlier post, Kylie got a clean bill of health and I don't think she was doing very well being by herself in my bedroom, so I weighed the risks and decided to move her down into the bird room (dining room) last night. She didn't seem nervous at all after the move, so I decided to let her out of her cage for a little while last night.

As you can see she wasted no time flying over to the jungle gym. She was used to being out on toys like this with her previous owner, so she didn't hesitate to fly over there by herself. Lucy is just now starting to fly over by herself and I still have to take Jessie over to it myself, but I'm coming to the realization that he much prefers using me as a jungle gym :)

Fitting right in

So .... I haven't mentioned how Lucy and Jessie reacted to moving Kylie into the dining room. Jessie was curious for a few mintues, but quickly lost interest. And this is exactly what I expected to happen. I'm his one person and I don't think he'll ever really be interested in another bird. Lucy on the other hand was very curious and when I let Kylie out of her cage I thought Lucy was going to crawl out of her feathers she was so excited and curious. So, I got over my fear and let Lucy out of her cage. I took this picture more for my husband's benefit because he wouldn't believe me if I just told him. Lucy was only out for a few minutes before I put her back in her cage. They did get a lot closer than this and were both reaching out to each other so I decided to end it more out of my own fear. I knew their body language wasn't aggressive at all, but I didn't want to take any chances. There is lots of time for Kylie and Lucy to spend together. Hopefully down the road once they get used to each other Kylie and Lucy will be friends and spend lots of time together on the jungle gym.

Oh yeah and let me mention that Kylie is an amazing flyer! It was a little tricky getting her back into her cage last night because she kept flying away from me. It was amazing to watch her fly though. Compared to Lucy and Jessie, she is a seasoned flyer.


  1. Happy things seem to be going well.

    Shade and Zuri are great together - although they do occasionnaly still squabble - but I have to say it took me a while to be comfortable with the idea of letting be (under supervision)..

    But Shade and Pixel..another story. I'm sure Pixel is jealous (if I am to use a human sentiment) / feels threaten by Shade (maybe because they are the only two females? - she'll leave the others alone). Kinda hoping they learn to ignore each other..

  2. that is great!! she looks so comfortable already :) nice job!

  3. She's doing much better than I could have inticipated. Definitely starting to get to know her personality. She's definitely quieter than Lucy and Jessie, but knows how to get her point across :)