Sunday, November 14, 2010


My birds fascinate me every day. I love nothing better than spending the day with them and interacting with them and watching them. For those of you that own more than one bird (or any kind of animal really) you all know that they have different personalities. Today while I was preparing lunch for the birds, I wanted to share some of their cute little personality querks.

Today's lunch. A mix of red and green peppers, cucumber and apple.

I am still getting to know Kylie's likes and dislikes, but I do know from her previous owner that she was fed a fresh organic diet. So I don't need to worry when I offer fresh food to Kylie. She never hesitates and digs right in. After I gave her lunch today I just watched her. She went over to the bowl right away and started moving pieces of food around ... checking things out. This is a picture of her picking an apple as the first thing to eat ... and she ate it over her bowl.

Then a few minutes later, she picked up a piece of red pepper and took it a perch close to her bowl. She mixes things up ... she eats over her bowl and sometimes she takes food elsewhere in her cage to eat.
Lucy is my funniest little eater. I don't think I'll ever have a weight issue with her :) She goes down to her bowl, gets a piece of food and then climbs up to the highest perch to eat. It takes her twice as long to eat as Jessie.
Then there is Jessie. He always eats right over his bowl and shreds everything. When he's done, there is only shredded food left in his bowl.
Over the next little while, I'll try to share some of there cute little personality querks, because there are many of them.

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