Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Lucy and Jessie Time

The past couple weeks have been all about Kylie, rightfully so, but tonight was all about spending time with Lucy and Jessie. Lucy is obsessed with Kylie! She is so curious that as soon as she gets out of her cage, she makes her way over to see Kylie. At least she spends some time on the jungle gym before going onto her cage.
Lucy on a mission .... she's getting closer.And closer.
I unfortunately stopped taking pictures by the time she climbed onto Kylie's cage. I let them go for a few seconds, but got Lucy to step up before they could get too close.

Then it was Jessie's turn. He actually posed for some pictures tonight. Usually he just tries to attack the camera.

My little monkey being a cutie :)


  1. they're both so gorgeous!! i'm dying for one of those get a grip nets, theyre so expensive online! :( christmas is coming though lol

  2. Love the Jessie poses :)

    @Lifeistemporary: that net is actually not a get-a-grip, it's smaller but also much cheaper :) And..it has added pieces of wood on it as well!