Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clean Bill of Health!

No pictures today, but wanted to report that Kylie had a good visit with our local Avian vet today. She was such a good girl while being examined and the vet says she's in excellent health! Feathers are in great condition, perfect weight, etc. Just waiting for the results from the CBC Blood work - should find out the results this week, but the vet isn't concerned. The vet said she's a healthy and very pretty little girl :)

I'm doing a virtual course from home this week, so I'll be around a little bit more. But considering cutting the quarantine a little short and introducing Kylie to the bird room next weekend. It has been challenging spending enough time with her and spending time with Lucy and Jessie and I think Kylie will benefit being around Lucy and Jessie.


  1. Are you surprised about the results? ;) (I'm not).

  2. No, not at all. I was never concerned about Kylie's health or the health of Cory's flock.