Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome Home Kylie!

This is the first entry officially welcoming Kylie to our flock! We picked her up this morning and had an uneventful drive home. I sat beside her and she was very good all the way home. She moved closer to me and even let me give her scratches.

I took this picture right after we got home. She definitely looks a little nervous.

A few minutes later she accepted her first treat

I kept her in the cage we brought her in for a little while, but now she is in her regular cage, which she is familiar with. I opened the cage door and let her come out when she was ready, which didn't take very long. Once she climbed out, she hung out on top for a few minutes. She let me give her head scratches and took a treat from me. Then it was the moment of truth ... to see if she would step up for me. I know from previous visits with Kylie not to force her. So I offered my finger a couple inches away from her and I was so happy when she stepped up for me almost right away. From there I put her in her cage and I did get a little bite before she stepped onto one of her perches, but that's to be expected. I'm so thrilled so far!
Kylie looking around in her cage

Another picture of Kylie in her cage
Kylie eating! Within a few minutes of going into her cage, you could tell that she felt more comfortable because it was familiar and started eating on her own. I'll keep a close eye on how much she eats (and poops) over the next couple of days.
Welcome Home Kylie!
Right now, Kylie is in quarantine in my bedroom on the 2nd floor. But Lucy and Jessie definitely know something is up. Kylie has made a few peeps and sqweaks so far and my husband said Jessie was looking up the stairs, so they can definitely hear her.


  1. Welcome to your new home Kylie!

    I'm happy everything went well.

    Now...will you be updating Lucy and Jessie's cages so they have something similar to Kylie? ;)

  2. Also, although I shouldn't comment on this because it's taken me forever to update mine, but your blog banner needs to be updated ;)

  3. I updated my banner ... although I'm not very happy with it. I'll probably do another one on the weekend.