Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing Kylie!

The last couple weeks have been very exciting! I would like to officially introduce everyone to the newest little member of our family. We are adopting a 2-year old female Meyers Parrot named Kylie from a reputable Aviary (CEC Exotics Aviary - http://www.cecavianservices.com/index.html) located in Toronto.

Cory, Kylie's current owner has quite a few larger parrots (Amazon's, Cockatoo's, Caiques, etc) and feels that Kylie would benefit from being in a home with parrots the same size as her and in a home where she could get more one on one time and time out of the cage. Due to Kylie being quite a bit smaller than a lot of Cory's birds, Kylie only gets time out on her own when the other birds aren't out. Kylie is a sweet little bird who Cory has trained to do flight recalls, waves, turnarounds, etc. I have a lot of respect for Cory by recognizing that her home may not be the best environment for Kylie. I cannot imagine how difficult a decision it is, but she truly wants what is best for all her birds.

Kylie was first brought to my attention by another member on this board in the beginning of June. I didn't contact Cory right away and spent several weeks visiting Cory's website and considering the possibility of re-homing a parrot. I contacted Cory in late June/early July and over the past month we have exchanged numerous emails, spoken on the phone and met in person. Last weekend my husband and I met Cory and Kylie for the first time. I didn't push myself on Kylie too much during that visit. She did step up for me and she got lots of treats :) I did try to get her to step up a second time and not knowing Kylie yet, I think I put my hand too close and she felt like she was being forced into stepping up as opposed to being given a choice, so she did give me a pretty good bite. I assured Cory that wasn't going to discourage me at all.

Kylie will be staying with Cory until approximately mid-October. As many of you may know, we have a trailer that we go to every weekend in the summer and Lucy and Jessie come with us. Being at the trailer does not allow me the space to properly quarantine Kylie, so in the very beginning I told Cory about my concern and she was more than happy to hold Kylie for us. Keeping Lucy and Jessie in good health is important to me and I will do what I can to minimize the risk to them. I will be visiting Kylie several times before she comes home with us. The next time I visit Kylie, Cory will have me doing some training sessions with Kylie in an effort to get to know her better and hopefully start building a bond with her. Cory will also be coming to Guelph to meet Lucy and Jessie and see where she will be living before she comes home.

I've attached a picture of Kylie for everyone to see.

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  1. Congrats again!
    Love how much of her little pink tongue you see on that picture with the pomegranate!