Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jessie, My Little Monkey

I had some work to catch up on when I got home tonight, but I had both birds out at the same time tonight - which is a first for me. Jessie was on the playstand in front of my on the floor and Lucy was more than happy to hang out on Jessie's cage - I guess its more interesting than her own cage ;o) Lucy really seems to be spreading her wings these days and takes so much joy in flying around the main floor. This afternoon, Lucy flew over to see me twice on the couch while Jessie was on the playstand. Neither Lucy or Jessie really showed any interest in each other, so maybe they truly will be able to get along on neutral territory.
Anyways, I was half working / half keeping my eye on the birds and as I watched I could tell that Jessie is definitely getting over his fear of the play stand.

Here Jessie is playing with a Java Wood toy

Another picture of Jessie chewing on the Java Wood Toy

Now this is when I could really tell that Jessie was getting over his fear. I caught Jessie part way through doing one of his flips around a perch - he does this in his cage ALL THE TIME!

And here he is half way through one of his flips and just starting to pull himself back up. I so wish I was videotaping this because after he finished he said 'It's a good boy Jessie' and started laughing. LOL

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