Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lucy & Jessie at the Trailer

It was one of those perfect weekends for Lucy and Jessie at the trailer - it was a very warm weekend. They were outside on the deck from 8:00AM to 9:00PM last night ... with the exception of going out to get groceries for an hour or so. Just wanted to post a few pics of Lucy and Jessie enjoying their time outside on our deck at the trailer.

Lucy at the trailer

Lucy enjoying a carrot

Jessie at the trailer ... you can't tell, but he just finished giving himself a bath in his water and his head was all wet.

Jessie enjoying a carrot


  1. Do you let them out of the cage when inside the trailer? If so, are they in a room where if the door opens they don't have access to it?
    Is there a lot of people around on the week-ends (other trailers and such)?

  2. I only let them out of their cages on weekends when just my husband and I are there ... and I always close and lock the only door in and out.

    There are about 250 trailers in the park ... we pretty much all park our trailers there ... not many of us travel with them.