Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tonight's Dinner and Dessert

It's not time consuming to make a healthy fresh meal for your birds. The picture below is Lucy and Jessie's dinner (meals for tomorrow too). I chopped up fresh carrots, green beans, green peppers, red peppers and zuchinni and threw it all into the food processor. After a few minutes you have a healthy feast for your birds. I find there is less waste because the pieces are smaller and bite size.

Then for dessert, I made homemade nutriberries. The recipe is courtesy of Cory at My Avian Lifestyle Blog - . She suggests using organic pitted dates and figs, but I couldn't find organic figs, so I went with organic pitted apricots instead. For the nuts I used raw almonds, raw cashews and ran hulled sunflower seeds. Mixed them all up in the food processor and rolled them into balls. Next time, I will roll them into smaller balls, because when I fed to Lucy and Jessie I had to cut them in quarters to make them more manageable for them to handle.


  1. I have meant to try those homemade nutriberries..

    One day. Need to find a store that sells organic dried fruit and nuts first..

  2. Not sure if you are close to a Bulk Barn at all. I did find organic dates and organic dried apricots (substituted for organic figs ... couldn't find them.

    Bulk Barn doesn't have a lot of organic food, but at least they list ALL ingredients (including preservatives) on their labels.