Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Bird Area

We got Lucy and Jessie moved over to the new bird room tonight. It's no where near complete yet. We are getting a second hand carpet from someone this weekend, so we'll be reorganizing once the carpet is in. Lucy's a little quiet and looking around ... Jessie isn't even phased and he's swinging upside down right now in his cage.

This area will enable me to let them spend A LOT more time outside of their cages. I can keep an eye on them from the living room while they spend some time hanging out doing their own thing. For now the table can stay between them and the playstand can stay on there. I'm washing an old table cloth that can cover the cage and I'm not so worried if they poop while they are out.

Eventually, we'd like to hang a net in the middle of the room and maybe even have something going from the table to a play area in the middle. Stay tuned while the new bird room evolves.

New bird area

New Playstand my husband built
Jessie's cage

Lucy's cage

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