Saturday, December 11, 2010

Toy Factory - The Sequel

Before I started making toys, Lucy had playtime on the gym. Here are the pictures showing how she makes her way over to Kylie's cage. Out of cage time consists of Lucy making her way over to Kylie's cage at least a dozen times. I always put her back on top of her cage and she eventually makes her way back over to see Kylie. Lucy's fascination with Kylie has not weaned at all.

Finally got there. I cover the side of Kylie's cage because Kylie has gone after Lucy a few times. I'm always more cautious than I need to be.
Then it was toy making time. Jessie joined me on the floor and hung out on the toy box with me.

Jessie got his beak on a spare toy part and was having a good time chewing.
Looking around the toy box for anything interesting.
First 2 toys.
3rd toy
I made a few more and had Kylie on the toy box with me ... but the batteries ran out on my camera and I'm all out. Kylie was so cute that I regret not being able to get pictures of her. Oh well ... there's always next time.

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  1. The importance of having a second set of batteries on hand ;)

    Nice looking toys too!