Monday, December 27, 2010

New Camera = More Bird Pictures

I only asked for one thing for Christmas this year and that was a new camera. I was getting really annoyed with the 5-year old point and shoot camera we had. After dropping hints for months it paid off and I got a new Fujifilm Finepix F80 EXR. As much as I would love a DSLR camera that was a little out of the budget range so I'm very happy with this camera. It can act as a simple point and shoot camera but it also has a manual mode where you can set everything yourself. That is my challenge in the new year is to learn more about photography and make as much use of this camera as possible. Oh and I also got a tripod as well.

So while the birds had time out of their cages this afternoon I was busy snapping pictures. I'm playing around with the various settings on the camera, but so far I'm pleased with the pictures. You guys be the judge.

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